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Non-Traditional Advertisement: Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen was looking for a way to creatively entice drivers to purchase a new Polo Volkswagen. Tapping into an audience who was already in search for new vehicles, ads were placed in local newspapers asking "Why would you drive anything else?" with a picture of a brand new Polo attached. Behind each ad, a "For Sale, I really really want a New Polo so please buy my car" sign was printed. Vehicle owners were then able to fill in the pricing blanks and place the signs right within their cars. [via I believe in advertising]

Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Yahoo! How Good Grows

Yahoo! recently launched the 'How Good Grows' website to spark the power of paying it forward this holiday season. In hopes of causing a ripple effect worldwide, Yahoo! is asking its members do one act of kindness for the day and share it online. By doing so, the program hopes that others who see the updates will match that act of kindness by doing one of their own. To start the program off, Yahoo! distributed $100 to 400 acts-of-kindness influencers. 400 acts has soon turned into over 1,400+ acts of kindness. Over Thanksgiving weekend, influencers spent time purchasing groceries for shoppers and asked each to " pass on an act of kindness" as they prepared for the holiday. Visit the How Good Grows website to learn more. [via Yahoo! News]


Awareness Campaign: The Tideline Project

To raise awareness of global warming, David Suzuki, a Canadian conservation group, decided to take the message straight to the streets. As a ripple effect, the heat caused by global warming melts the glaciers and causes sea levels to rise, eventually changing the Earth's landscape forever. To show the threat of such events happening, David Suzuki collected hundreds of recycled mussel shells from local restaurants and displayed them on city lamps and light posts. Above each display, a sign stating "Global Warming is Closer Than You Think" was posted. Watch the video to catch the reactions from unsuspecting passers and pedestrians! [via I Believe in Advertising]


Social Media Marketing: M&M's and Google Maps

M&M's recently launched Find Red, a new online campaign using Google Maps with the four biggest names in social media. The Find Red Campaign is an online scavenger hunt where M&M fans can enter a competition to look for Red (who has become trapped within Google Maps) through Google Street Views. Hints and clues of Red's location can be found on M&M's Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and Youtube channels. By gathering all the clues and visiting www.FindRed.ca, fans in Canada can participate in the competition to win prizes such as an iPod Nano, movie tickets and M&M's Milk Chocolate candy. The grand prize of Find Red is a 2011 5-speed automatic, red Smart FourTwo Pure Coupe. Watch the video to learn more about the interactive campaign executed by BBDO Proximity. [via digitalbuzz & FindRed]


Outdoor Marketing: Carlton Draught Magnatron

Carlton Draught built Australia's largest skill-building crane game placed right in the heart of Melbourne. 14 local residents who were winners of the Carlton Draught promotional contest and on-air radio contests were invited to try their luck at winning over $100,000 in luxury prizes. The Magnatron held winnings such as AFL Grand Final hospitality packages, a $5,000 cash ATM prize and a brand new, functioning, Toyota HiLux. The program gained great attention from the media and local bloggers. Watch the video to see the excitement and all the contestants in action! [via Campaign Brief]


Experiential Marketing: Absolut Bus Stops

Local residents in Chicago can now enjoy a bit of luxury on their daily commutes. To complement their print ad campaign, Absolut Vodka transformed a number of residential bus stops into colorful, experiential paradises. Detailed decorations including a change in seating and shelter covers were set in place to reflect the themes of "Absolut Bloody," "Absolut Twist" and "Absolut Lemon Drop." [via On The Ground Looking Up]

Non-Traditional Marketing: McDonald's Everyone Saves for Something

McDonald's knows all too well that many of their regular customers frequent their business to enjoy value meal selections. To promote the latest two for one cheeseburger deal, the "Everyone Saves for Something" campaign was launched in Budapest, Hungary. By partnering with local retail stores, McDonald's was allowed to wrap select designer items in the famous cheeseburger wrapper. The message: Eat cheeseburgers and save for all the items on your wish list! Watch the video to see all the great objects that were wrapped! [via Marketing Alternatif]


Virtual Game Marketing: MINI Cooper Getaway

Mini Cooper fans in Stockholm, Sweden were able to participate in a unique marketing campaign that gave each participant a chance to win a Mini Cooper Countryman. By downloading the MINI Cooper Stockholm App, MINI enthusiasts were able to participate in a virtual "hunting" game. To win, users must locate and claim a virtual MINI Cooper by checking in on their smart phones. The catch: game players must be in the real life location that the virtual car is placed and must also compete with "enemies" (other game players) to win. The player who is able to hold on to the MINI for one week wins! Watch the video to get a rush for the hunt! [via Guerrilla Communication]


Social Media Marketing: Discovery Channel Stormchasers

The "Urban Tornado Experience" was created to help the Discovery Channel connect with viewers and promote the newest Storm Chasers Reality TV Series. Pedestrians walking pass the Discovery Channel advertisements found themselves trapped in a tornado stormed city as they looked directly into an interactive screen placed on the side of a building. Passers were encouraged to snap photos of the experience with their cameras and were told to text the images to a distributed number so that it could be shared with others on Facebook. The Experience was set up at two New York Storescape locations and captured great attention. This is truly an innovative promotional campaign that was able to capture the essence of experiential and digital guerrilla marketing strategies combined. [via Mobile Behavior, Raman Media Network & Storm Chasers]


Cause Marketing: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

To promote green product consumption and city cleaning initiatives, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day (household cleaning products company), decided to head to San Francisco to spread the word of cleanliness during the annual Ghirardelli Square Chocolate Festival. By converting a local water fountain into a giant dish sink, tourists and residents alike were able to help raise money for a good cause. The giant "sink" was filled with large balloon bubble suds. Mrs. Meyer's product samples filled each balloon placed in the fountain. For each bubble taken, Mrs. Meyer's donated $2 to the San Francisco Clean City Coalition, raising $3000 by the end of the day. Watch the video to see the public's reaction to this great guerrilla stunt! [via Mrs. Meyers]