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Flash Mob: Pillow Fight Edition

Not too sure what specific product or service the pillow fight is supposed to promote but the act of being awoken to be active transcends all languages!

The video starts with onlookers staring quizzically at a large group of young people sleeping in the middle of a plaza somewhere in Spain. One of the Gen-Yers then awakens and screams through a bull horn for everyone to wake up and train! The crowd then begins to have the most awesome looking pillow fight I've seen aside from the Annual San Francisco Valentine's Pillow Fight

What we can interpret from this activation, is that young people need to wake up and do something with their lives--either by being active physically or enrolling in vocational studies programs and exercising their minds. Either way, using a pillow fight to demonstrate the act of exercising was pretty clever!

[Via Creative Guerrilla Marketing]


Social Experiment: Honesty Tea Finds Most Honest People in the Nation

The folks over at Honest Tea wanted to measure just how honest the current American population was when no one was looking. 

Honest Tea placed unmanned Kiosks in multiple cities over the course of the summer to test the effectiveness of the honor system--in this case by asking people passing by to pay $1 for any bottles they grabbed from the kiosk. Honest Tea then analyzed data collected from their social experiment and posted interactive statistics about the most honest people in America on a microsite called the National Honesty Index

Did you know Oakland, Salt Lake City, and Boston Ballpark were the most honest places in the country? Another interesting stat from the site: people who wear plaid were only 86% honest and ranked #74/78 on a list of most honest people and places.

Glad to see there are still honest people in the world!

[Via PSFK]


QR Code Marketing: Budweiser "Budclock" Stops Time

Have you ever wished happy hour would last longer? 

Y&R Ecuador and Budweiser have finally made the wish true with their recent campaign. The "Budclock" campaign extended happy hour by one minute for every Budweiser purchased at participating venues. To extend happy hour, buyers had to scan a QR code, which then added a minute to a large clock displaying a countdown to when happy hour would end. 

The "Budclock" campaign is clever for two reasons, one: The use of a clock gives bar-goers a sense of immediacy to purchase beers and save the bar from the end of happy hour and two: It successfully incorporated the use of  QR codes, an often discredited technology, with successful results. 

Since the start of the campaign, happy hour has been extended by 6,000 minutes or 100 hours--that's a lot of drinking!

[Via Adrants]


Volkswagen Drives with the Sharks

In honor of the Discovery Channel's 25th Anniversary of Shark Week, Volkswagen partnered with marine biologists and engineers to create a shark observation cage in the shape of their 2013 Beetle.

Viewers were in for a surprise when they saw divers being submerged in a VW Beetle shaped-cage. Volkswagen seamlessly tied in the release of the newly redesigned 2013 Beetle with Shark Week programming by airing footage of the Beetle Shark Cage roaming on the ocean floor next to sharks.

When is VW going to release a  fully functional underwater car? I'd pay big bucks for that!


What's the Best Way to Stop People From Drinking & Driving?

Show them how it feels!

The "Drunk Mirror" sponsored by Allianz Insurance was placed in a popular bar in São Paulo, Brazil to promote drinking responsibly. For the night, the "Drunk Mirror" was placed in a neutral spot between the men's and women's restroom to better capture the attention of the targets. Curious bathroom goers would do a face check and then notice that there was a delay in their reflection. 

After a few moments, the mirror then showed facts about alcohol's effect on a persons' judgement and coordination. The "Drunk Mirror" effectively communicated the dangers of pairing alcohol and driving by literally having bar goers visualize how it would feel! 

[Via Brand Flakes for Breakfast]


Listerine's Flipbook Stunt

JWT Hong Kong came up with a clever and effective idea to educate the public on the perks of using Listerine. Brand ambassadors passed out seemingly innocent flipbooks that showed images of an attractive women talking. Once the pages of the flipbook started to move, the viewer's nostrils were hit with a strong onion scent which gave the illusion that the women talking had bad breath. When the viewer got to the end of the flipbook, they were presented with a coupon for Listerine. The best part of this execution was that it yielded a 66% redemption rate! 

This stunt shows that in an age where agencies favor digital executions, something as simple as coupon distribution paired with a clever concept can still prevail!

[Via Adfreak]


Facebook Stories: "Remembering"

Facebook recently revealed its newest website extension called, "Facebook Stories." The site was launched as a hub for touching and unusual stories that had the popular social networking site at their centers.

The video tells the heartbreaking story of Mayank Sharma from New Delhi, India who's case of Tubercular Meningitis resulted in him waking up one morning and realizing he had lost all memory of his life before that moment. With Facebook's numerous features highlighted in the background, he retells the story of how he turned to the People You May Know section to rebuild his memory. I'm glad his story had a happy ending!

This video shows a inspirational side of Facebook that almost humanizes the website. Maybe this website can be the start of a new form of testimonials that allows users to tell the stories of how they forged a deep connection to their most loved brands. Is this the future of  Facebook Pages?

[Via Adfreak]


Water Projection Mapping: Gillette's Light It Up Installation

Who isn't obsessed with the Olympics right now!

To ramp up the excitement for Team USA, Gillette executed a huge projection mapping stunt that took place after the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Huge holograms of Team USA athletes like Tyson Gay and Ryan Lochte were all over buildings in Boston Harbor ending climatically with flashy projections of the athletes over the water with fireworks going off in the background.

One word best describes Gillete's message to Team USA: EPIC!

[Via Digital Buzz Blog]


Clif Bar Rewards Followers Who Tweet Outdoors

What would you do for a Clif Bar?

Clif Bar has just launched a clever Twitter campaign that incentivizes outdoor activities. For users to receive a coupon for a free Clif Mojo bar and be entered in a drawing for adventure gear, they have to tweet what activity they are doing(with the tweet location option enabled) to @ClifMojoGo.

While Clif Bar is encouraging users to breathe in fresh air, the campaign is also doubling as a way to find out where these Clif Bar-enthusiasts are specifically spending their time outdoors which will help the company create more targeted and unique promotions. Great thinking Clif Bars--I'm sending my tweet over as soon as I get out of the office!

[Via Tree Hugger]