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Nike Goes Guerrilla for World Car-Free Day


Nike joined earth-conscious citizens in celebrating World Car-Free Day, an annual event dedicated to reducing dependence on automobiles by using alternative forms of transportation. Nike took part in the fun in Prague by placing paper “boots” on hundreds of cars throughout the city. The “boots” were a creative and cost-effective way for Nike to encourage consumers to run rather than drive, and the campaign received worldwide recognition.

View a video of the program here.

'Feel the Bubbles' with Nestle and Burnquist


NestlĂ© teamed up with skateboarding legend Bob Burnquist and skate filmmaker Ty Evans to promote their bubbly Aero chocolate candy. Armed with dozens of cameras, the crew created a skate park full of thousands of chocolate-colored balloons, and sent Burnquist skating through them. The Aero “Feel the Bubbles” campaign was viral success, with thousands of people viewing the ad online.

View the video here.


Global Warming Awareness: A Guerrilla Approach

As part of an awareness campaign for MTV Switch, cleverly designed flotation devices were dropped into Amsterdam canals. The realistic looking signs got many double-takes, as it appeared the individuals holding these signs were treading water (or drowning) below the waterline. The signs were simple (each one included a short question and a website address), inexpensive and effectively communicated the topics the show planned to address on-air.