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Moto X Makes a Magazine Ad Experiential

Select issues of this January’s WIRED magazine contains a clever, interactive ad for the new Moto X. With the use of pexiglass, LEDs, and batteries, readers are able to instantly choose from a selection of colors at the bottom of the page to customize their own Moto X smartphone.

The full-page ad is simple and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Yet, the novelty of its interactivity on an otherwise un-interactive platform makes it exciting and places it above the rest. Additionally, the ad does a clean job of giving the reader the experience of customizing their own Moto X smartphone, which is one of the selling points Motorola has emphasized throughout its campaign.


The Moto X’s well-executed ad also highlights the potential for more interactive ads in the future, especially on the less-restrictive platform of tablets. Note, however, that magazine print ads have always been a choice. No obligation to watch a 30 second pre-roll spot or hold on for 5 seconds before you can skip and flip to the next page. Most magazine ads have always relied on a strong headline with an eye catching image to coax readers into surrendering a bit of their attention. In this case, a print ad with a fun and unexpected surprise is worth a pause.