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Human Lab Mice: How far will you go for Fantastic Delites?

Coming back from it's recent vending machine campaign, Fantastic Delites brings the human lab mice project to light. People get to either run around in a wheel wearing a mouse outfit, or get the pleasure to observe others participate. Within completion, the contestants have to make a Ethan Hunt, Mission Impossible like, dive in the last few seconds to savor their hard work; a bag of cheese flavored Fantastic Delites.

[Via Digital Buzz Blog]


Allen Solly Tweeple-Powered Launch

Allen Solly creates a Twitter campaign in India that allows people to stand in line, make a tweet, and test their luck to see if they get a new button up from their new Autumn Winter collection. This out of home campaign combined with social media was effectively capturing over a million trends and live viewers in just an hour and a half. The campaign was successful in generating a social media buzz for the designer's latest collection.

[Via AdFreak]

Nokia & Orange

Nokia teams up with Orange to create an augmented reality display in the middle of a mall. Curious bystanders get drawn in by curiosity and a pillar sized LCD. Normally, people would look weird and feel awkward raising their hands in front of a mirror in public. However, their interactions gather a crowd of people to get a feel of the user experience of Nokia's new Windows 8 cellphone.Well done, Nokia & Orange. Well done.

[Via creativeguerrillamarketing]

Coca Cola dances up a storm in South Korea

This is a case where soda dispenser meets Dance, Dance Revolution. Coca Cola launches another experiential, guerrilla marketing campaign through their vending machines. This vending machine lights up the dance floor by rewarding participants with free bottles of coke based on the showcasing of their moves, creativity, and rhythm. South Koreans of all ages joined in on the fun, striking happiness throughout the crowds.

[Via Creative Guerrilla Marketing]


Walking on the Surface

The demand in the tablet market is starting to scratch the surface. Literally, with scuff and shoe marks. Microsoft launches its guerrilla, out of home campaign through the streets of the Paris and down into the subway tunnels with fixtures of their new Microsoft Surface tablet. In the city known for love and creativity, natives walked by mesmerized by Microsoft's elegant design in innovative technology. The design exemplifies the brilliance in design for everyone to get their eye and hands, or feet, on.

The Burt's Bees Buzz

Burt’s Bees exercises the power of mass curiosity. The company launches their new hydration line product through an out of home, guerrilla marketing campaign and a coupon strategy. Printed coupons eclipsed a billboard of a woman that has great skin, while the coupons make her look painfully and uncomfortably dry. As the crowds pass by and removes a coupon, over time it unveils the rejuvenation and youth that is contained within the product.

[via GuerrillaCommunication]