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Zipcar Stages Clever Publicity Stunts to Reach City Residents

The car sharing service Zipcar constructed a pedestrian speed trap in New York City, complete with working radar detector, to increase interest in their services. Pedestrians could see their slow pace displayed as they passed, accompanied by signage stating that they could “get there faster in a Zipcar.” Convincing mock speeding ticket flyers were also handed to passersby with promotional discount codes. Zipcar didn’t stop there. They also staged live vacation street scenes on sidewalks to remind city dwellers how easily you could get there using Zipcar. Attention getting scenes like camping and beach spots have been popping up in Washington D.C., New York City and Chicago thanks to Zipcar’s street marketing tactics.



Dutch Magazine uses Guerrilla Video Projection to Stage a Prison Break

In an attempt to direct attention to their special issue on criminals and prison breaks, a Dutch magazine staged an escape. A 3D video projection of a prisoner escaping through a window was cast onto the wall of the famous Bijlmerbajes prison. The illusioned inmate scaled down the building on a bed sheet rope so realistically that the guards sounded the alarms! A viral video of the staged break also caught much attention, as realistic guerrilla projections are becoming increasingly popular.

See the video here.



The Salvation Army's "This Ad Cost Nothing" Guerrilla Campaign


With the help of over 50 local businesses, Portland, ME-based VIA Agency created a guerrilla campaign for The Salvation Army that cost close to nothing. Teams transformed everyday items like pizza boxes, coffee cups and dirty cars into ad space. Each ad contained the The Salvation Army's logo, URL, and slogans like "The less we spend advertising, the more people we can reach." The three-week campaign was a creative and socially responsible way to reach New Englanders and show that the The Salvation Army truly is "Doing the most good with your donations."