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Experiential Marketing: Caribou Coffee Bus Stop

Caribou Coffee was looking for a creative way to promote their newest "Hot 'n Wholesome" breakfast sandwich selection. Bus shelters in Minneapolis were transformed into mini bake ovens, decked out with a sandwich display backdrop and a stove top. Riders were able to enjoy a heated bus-wait within each "oven" shelter. Perfect for those looking for a little relief from the cold commute! [via AdRants]


In-Store Promotion: Desigual Clothing Store

To promote their newest line of fashion forward clothing, Desigual, a Barcelona based clothing company, decided to throw "Undie Parties" at their home stores located in Madrid and New York. The first 100 shoppers to show up in nothing but their undergarments were allowed to select two articles of clothing from the store to wear and keep! Watch the video to see the individuals brave enough to stand in line to wait for their free outfits!


Billboard Marketing: McDonald's Breakfast Sundial

McDonald's wanted a new way to bring attention to their beloved breakfast menu. To do so, the fast food chain created a real-time, sundial billboard. During each morning hour, a shadow, cast by the clock, clearly points out what sandwich is available for purchase at that specific time. By doing so, breakfast enthusiasts know exactly how much time is left before the morning meals are no longer served for the day. [via Guerilla Marketing Defined]


Guerrilla Marketing: The Pink Squad - Union Insurance

Union Insurance wanted a fun and creative way to create buzz around their newest insurance program: siding with safe drivers. To spread the word, they posed the question, "If insurance companies side with safe drivers, who would punish unsafe drivers?" The Pink Squad was then formed to take on the policing task. The Pink Squad went around punishing unruly drivers with confetti guns, packaging materials, plungers and more. Once media coverage began pouring in, Union bank announced it's association with the squad, leading to an increase in consumer insurance preference, 82,000 fans on Facebook and ranking closely amongst their top 4 competitors. [via I Believe in Advertising]


Non-Traditional Marketing: Chopstick Tree

Each year, over 45 billion disposable chopsticks are used in China, which equals 25 million trees destroyed. To bring awareness to the danger of losing Asia's natural forests, the China Environmental Protection Foundation built and broke a tree in Shanghai made of 30,000 used chopsticks from neighboring restaurants. Next to the tree stood a sign emphasizing the possible future, "At this rate, China's forests will disappear within the next 20 years." [via Paper Plane]