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National Geographic: Augmented Reality

Hungarian mall-goers were left amazed by the launch of a touring augmented reality instillation that enabled consumers to experience the exciting world of National Geographic. Through AR technology, participating consumers were placed in a variety of scenes where they were able to interact with dinosaurs, astronauts, wild-life, and all others things National Geographic. A large digital screen played out the scenes for participants and passersby to see.

[Via Creativity]


ASICS Marathon Experience

ASIC’s launched an experiential instillation proving a run speed of 4:46 a mile is even more impressive when you’re up against it.

Coinciding with the brand’s sponsorship of the 2011 ING NYC Marathon, ASICS installed a massive 60-foot video wall inside NYC’s Columbus Circle subway station and challenged passersby to race against US marathon runner Ryan Hall. With Columbus Circle being in close proximity of marathon participant registration as well as the race finish line, a few people were able to keep up with Hall’s strenuous 6ft 10 stride. Hall also made an appearance and even he had difficulty keeping up with his digital self!