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Coca-Cola's Happiness Machine for Couples

Okay guys, this one may be a tear-jerker for you more sensitive types. This Valentine’s Day, Coca-Cola created vending machines didn’t accept money, but instead you had to prove that you were in a relationship. Istanbul shoppers were asked to show love and affection to their significant other to an observant machine in the middle of a crowded mall. What do you think about the PDA?


Alton Towers Nemesis Sub-Terra Lift scares unsuspecting shoppers

In order to promote the Nemesis Sub-Terra, a new thrill-ride, London shoppers had to endure an expected shock. An elevator, or “Lifts” as Londoners would call it, was transformed into a wrecked carrier missing the most important part; the floor! We are sure that the shock of this will stick with them for a while and possibly bring them back to try out the ride. Watch the video for their reactions!

[Via The Zig Zagger]

Intel's Digital Flash Mobs

Here at Attack! we know flash mobs, so when we see new and innovative ideas we get really excited! Intel is using digital flash mobs to promote their new Ultra Books. Its thin design and fast reaction time made it the perfect candidate for the stunts around the Los Angeles area. All 60 of the Ultra Books were linked together through Wi-Fi creating the ‘Pop-Up Theaters’. By the looks of it, it made a lot of people happy. Great job Intel!

[Via Digital Buzz Blog]


MODA's Rubber Ducks

So what do you do when your company moves to a new location and no one seems to notice? Rubber Ducks of course! Well maybe that isn’t the answer all the time, but guerrilla marketing sure is. Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) implemented a guerrilla marketing plan to gain the attention of all Atlanta residents. Their only problem was being able to pull this off on their small budget. With the help of thousands and thousands of yellow rubber ducks placed around the Mid-Town Atlanta area, people didn’t have a choice but to notice. Check out the video to see how they used Facebook to get people even more involved in the Rubber Ducky Movement!

[Via Zilla]


Mercedes "Key To Viano" Event Puts Travelers in Control

Mercedes-Benz Vans teamed up with Lukas Lindenmann Rosinski and created the “Key To Viano” event, an interactive digital advertising display in a Berlin train station. They connected plain wall advertising with engaging entertainment to grasp the attention of busy travelers, and then participants were able to control the digital displays with their own remote car keys. For this innovative event to pull through, WallDecaux Berlin had to redesign most of the platform. In order to convey the large capacity of the Viano, travelers could use their key remotes (no matter the make or model of their car) to open the side door of the digital car. Check out this video to see the large amount quirky characters that emerged, we even spotted a sumo!

[Via Creative Criminals]


Reebok's Street Art Wins Guinness World Record

Reebok brought the rugged outdoors to London city life. With help of artists, Joe and Max they created the longest ever 3D street art, even snagging a Guinness World Record! The street art was made to promote their new Reebok CrossFit and they even let people enjoy a work out on the amazing art, luckily its fall proof!