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Be Bond with a Coke Zero

Coca-Cola has thrown themselves into experiential marketing campaigns, and we love it!  For this action packed pit stop at the vending machine, Coca-Cola joined forces with the newest Bond blockbuster, "Skyfall," and gave thirsty Coke Zero purchasers a taste of some 007 rated action before redeeming a pair of free movie tickets. Leave it to Coke to turn your run-of-the-mill UK train station into a Bond worthy human traffic obstacle course! Maybe if we all scream, "Come to the States please!!" loud enough they'll bring this treat home.

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Nestlé’s “We Will Find You” campaign uses GPS tracking in candy bars

In a nod to Willy Wonka & his golden tickets, candy giant Nestlé has decided to award six lucky UK customers with a cash prize. Nestlé has embedded GPS tracking devices that get activated when you open the the wrappers of KitKat 4 Finger, KitKat Chunky, Aero Peppermint Medium and Yorkie Milk chocolate bars. Within 24-hours, a team will track the winning wrapper and deliver £10,000(roughly $16,000).

In addition, over 3,000 posters fitted with NFC and QR codes are displayed throughout the UK allowing smartphone users to win over 2,000 additional prizes and track how many bars remain unclaimed.

Time for a Kit-Kat break in the UK!


Smart Marketing Benefits the Consumer

How aggravating are those mandatory 'decode these distorted letters before continuing to the next page' boxes!? What a waste of time and energy- Why not put those 20 (if you guess correctly first try, or if you're anything like me, 45) seconds spent solving that illegible and unintelligible combination to good marketing use?
The thinkers at Solve Media have an innovative idea- lose the banners and put an advertisement in the distorted letter box! Why not? They've already interrupted our workflow and grabbed our attention-- Brilliant idea. In an age where marketing reaches you on the streets and at your seat, this would be a great online guerrilla tactic.

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With a little help from my iPad

Ever wish pictures came to life like they do for Harry Potter? The marketing team at Lexus probably does too, and with their new 'A Stunning Feat' Campaign, a magazine page almost does! Place your iPad directly behind the Lexus advertisement in this month's Sports Illustrated and the 2-D image lights up as if its on TV! The slight caveat is that you must load a Lexus webpage first and then press play, but the result is more than a iPad video because the light interacts with the images in the magazine.

A clever way to hold our attention while flipping through the pages!



Coca-Cola: Let's Eat Together

Adding to their growing list of “Open Happiness” campaign stunts, which includes the Happiness Machine, the Happiness Truck in Rio, and the Hug Machine, Coca-Cola does it again with the Happiness Table.

Celebrating the beauty and importance of dining together, the Happiness Table brings together strangers for an impromptu dinner. This time unveiling itself in a little town in Naples, Italy, the Coca-Cola truck transforms itself into a dining table. The famous Italian chef, Simone Rugiati, serves a feast with plenty of Coca-Cola bottles to go around for anyone willing to take a seat.

Can’t wait to see where the Coca-Cola Happiness Truck pops up next!

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Wonderbra DECODER from Bridget Jung on Vimeo.

We're in the generation of instant gratification, but Wonderbra found a way to grab our attention with a slight delay. Rather than walk by this lingerie store and see huge posters of mostly naked women, these models are fully clothed. Like what you see? Want to see more? Simply snap a picture of the poster on your smartphone and the dress disappears when the model is captured on your screen! Next best thing to x-ray vision? I'd say its a beautiful start.

The campaign launched in France and the UK, but you can enjoy the undressing, or 'decoding,' from the comfort of your home. Experience this here: http://www.wonderbra.eu/uk/latest-news/decoder-launched/page/decoderl/

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Stop Working. Start Drinking.

How do you reach this white collar professionals working 80 hours per week, where banner or television ads don’t seem to work? Simple. Send in a window washer to reach them in their offices.

Ultimat Vodka did just that, using a business man dressed in
a suit posing as a window washer to display a message on boards. Creating instant buzz around company offices, employees were encouraged to take a break from work and have a drink, on the house! Is it happy hour yet?

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QR Codes: Message in a Bottle.

Single, and ready to mingle? Lacking confidence to use your favorite pick-up line on the girl (or guy) at the bar? No problem! Harry’s bar in Singapore decided to help single men and women use technology to solve this problem, giving a whole new meaning to “a message in a bottle’.
In an ever-growing and advancing world of technology connecting people, QR codes have found its way into the matchmaking business. Patrons who are too shy to approach the opposite sex can purchase a bottle of beer with a QR code in it, which they scan and type in a message. The bottle will then be delivered to the other party, who in turn scans the code and reads the message.
Harry’s main goal was to sell more beer, particularly during happy hour, and they succeeded. 

[Via creativeguerrillamarketing]


A Real Taste of Video-Game Gore

This past weekend in London’s Smithfield Meat Market, Japanese video game makers, Capcom, gave food shoppers a taste (literally) of what to expect in the release of their latest edition to the Resident Evil series. Bringing the shockingly gory graphics of their new game to reality, a pop-up butcher shop was setup to offer an assortment of freakishly realistic human body parts. Aiming to be more frightening than appetizing, the meat counter was filled with bloodied hands, ready-to-eat human ears complete with a life-sized raw meat lady. The booth was authentic and the food items a real artistic feat for this one of a kind meat-marketing project.

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