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Zombie Sighting in New York!

AMC Network decided to take action on Dish after the cable provider dropped the popular network that houses shows like Madmen, Breading Bad, and The Walking Dead from its basic cable offering. AMC looked to the public for support in a unusual way to direct traffic to the website PutZombiesBack that urges visitors to call Dish to voice their displeasure. To promote the website, AMC placed zombies that were just going about their day in parts of New York City neighborhoods.  My favorite part of the video was seeing the zombie paramedics scare the crap out of people waiting on a corner! The video ends with "Zombies don't belong here. Put them back on TV." Really, AMC can do no wrong--they have great shows and great campaigns.

Just imagine if you saw this stunt in action, would you laugh or run?

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Watch David Beckham Photobomb Unsuspecting Fans!

What would you do if one of your favorite soccer players surprised you while showing off your team spirit?

A new ad for Adidas' "Take the Stage" campaign features David Beckham hilariously bursting in to a photobooth full of excited Great Britain soccer fans and taking photos with them. The best part of the video is when Beckham surprises a little boy that is so excited and overwhelmed he cries tears of joy! The "Take the Stage" campaign is one of many creative campaigns running for the upcoming Olympic games. 

Too bad Beckham isn't playing in the Olympics this time around!

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Discovering the Many Uses of Mayo

Have you ever wanted to try out a new recipe for dinner and then realized most of the ingredients were missing from your pantry? 

In Brazil, when a customer purchased Hellmann's mayonnaise, their grocery store receipt would print out with a recipe right under their total amount that used a combination of the other ingredients the person purchased on their trip to the store. Hellmann's direct marketing campaign was a very interesting use of grocery store receipts and must have been successful in showing consumers the many other uses for their mayonnaise! 

My question is: what kind of recipe would print out if a customer only purchases chocolate chip cookies, hot sauce and mayo?

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TNT Uses Electromagnetic Dot Display To Promote New Show

TNT's newest promotion involves an electromagnetic dot display that responds to the movements of observers while also displaying clues and anagrams that relate to TNT's new show, Perception. Why the weird words in the background? The movements of the board are supposed to mimic the thought process of the protagonist while he solves crimes. As apparent in the video, the meaning behind the display might be hard to understand at first glance, but is still visually stimulating enough to capture the gazes of people passing by. Overall this display looks to be very effective at gaining viewer engagement and increasing awareness for the upcoming premiere of the new show--enough to even make me want to watch! 

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Fridges That Charge Phones Among Other Things

To promote the Illinois power company's recycling program for old refrigerators, Leo Burnett had local artists create public installations using old fridges. Some of the funky new functions for the old fridges included a fancy dog house and a cell phone charging station. The "MetamorFridges" campaign is such a wildly creative idea and will definitely be successful in garnering attention and educating locals on the program!

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Hot Wheels Defies Gravity In Recent Stunt

Did you ever wonder if cars could really do a double loop during a race as a kid?

Well Hot Wheels made that dream a reality recently at the X Games! Hot Wheels had two drivers race down a gigantic replica of their iconic orange double loop track to excite X Games attendees while setting a world record in the process.

Am I sensing a new permanent attraction at the X Games?

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Vending Machine Tests How Far Consumers Would Go For A Sample

Armed with the knowledge that consumers will do just about anything for a sample and mankind's intrinsic curiosity for GIANT objects, Clemenger BBDO Adelaide  has produced the newest activation in the vending machine genre. 

Fantastic Delites' Delite-O-Matic coaxed curious shoppers in to completing a challenge, like pushing the machine's red button 100 times or bowing down to the almighty machine, to receive a box of Fantastic Delites.

At one point, a challenger is given the task of pressing the red button 5000 times to receive her treat. As she gets past the first thousand pushes a crowd forms and by her last five, she has a whole crowd cheering her on! This activation did a great job of crowd engagement and sample distribution--A for sure worthy inductee in the Vending Machine Activation Hall of Fame

How come Australia gets to have all the fun?


All Aboard The Cadbury Joyville Train!

Commuters at a few train stations in Australia were in for quite a surprise when a signature Cabury purple steam engine pulled in and unloaded a crowd full of musicians, singers, and dancers who weaved through the station passing out Cadbury chocolates.This experiential piece had an accompanying Facebook page that asked for users to post photos and videos of the activation.

If only something like this would happen on this side of the world!

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What Happens When Kids Ask For A Light?

You have the start to an amazing guerrilla advertising stunt.

This video is proof that you don't need an extensive budget to have an awesomely effective campaign. Ogilvy Thailand was in charge of producing work for the Thai Health Promotion Board's anti-smoking initiative. The video shows two young children going through the city asking strangers for help lighting their cigarettes. Every adult they approached scolded the two children and listed the harmful side affects from smoking cigarettes. The children then gave the adults brochures that said, "You worry about me, but why not worry about yourself" along with a number to a hotline number for help to quit smoking. 

According to the video, almost every person that was approached disposed of their cigarettes and every single person kept their brochure. The hotline also reported a 40 percent increase in calls after the guerrilla stunt. Hopefully the message of this activation will inspire others to make changes to their lifestyles!
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