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Zombie Sighting in New York!

AMC Network decided to take action on Dish after the cable provider dropped the popular network that houses shows like Madmen, Breading Bad, and The Walking Dead from its basic cable offering. AMC looked to the public for support in a unusual way to direct traffic to the website PutZombiesBack that urges visitors to call Dish to voice their displeasure. To promote the website, AMC placed zombies that were just going about their day in parts of New York City neighborhoods.  My favorite part of the video was seeing the zombie paramedics scare the crap out of people waiting on a corner! The video ends with "Zombies don't belong here. Put them back on TV." Really, AMC can do no wrong--they have great shows and great campaigns.

Just imagine if you saw this stunt in action, would you laugh or run?

[Via Adrants]

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