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Flash Mob for Human Trafficking Awareness

Guerrilla marketing brings awareness and attention to a variety of topics.  When it is something as important and serious as Human Trafficking, it can spark the minds so people can bring about change. The red light district in Amsterdam hosted “prostitutes” that broke out into a crowd pleasing, synchronized dance.  When the dance ended a message appeared above them.  Watch the video and see what it said! 

[Via AdRants]


Bench + Mini JWC = Thrill Bench

Busy public transportation commuters were able to feel the force of the latest Mini Cooper model, the John Cooper Works Countryman.  As people sat on the “Thrill Bench” waiting for the bus, the John Cooper Works Countryman would drive by and the guerrilla-type bench would vibrate matching the sounds of the car.  Mini wanted to give the driving experience of their new car, without putting anyone behind the wheel.  I bet they didn’t expect this shake up on their morning commute!

[Via Creative Guerrilla Marketing]

Cornetto Wants Australians to Show Their Soft Sides

After doing their research and finding out that Australians have the toughest time sharing their feelings, Cornetto Enigma needed something to help their target audience express their soft sides. They came up with a cute and friendly bear to do the job! Cornetto was active online so people could see when the loving bear was spreading joy in their area and incorporated Shazam so the newly opened up Australians could send a personalized "soft-side" message. This is a great use of social media and live interaction to turn free bear hugs into huge sales!

[Via Adverblog]

Smart eBall

Not only do Smart Cars fit into the tiniest of parking spots and help lower our carbon footprints, but they can also play rounds of Smart eBall! Smart Cars at the Frankfurt Motorshow doubled as ping pong paddles in this sensor controlled gaming installation. Smart eBall was used to demonstrate the heightened acceleration power and what better way to do it then letting people push the gas!

[Via Digital Buzz Blog]

A Dramatic Surprise From TNT

Talk about DRAMA!! TNT went to a normal Belgian town to mix up the lives of some ordinary citizens. A red button was placed in the middle of the town square waiting for a curious passerby to take notice. When the button was pushed, a wildly dramatic scene took place which included an ambulance truck, a shoot out, and a half naked women on a motorcycle. We rate this one - very cool.

[Via Creative Criminals]


Converse want to "Just Add Color"

We’re almost certain that your grandmother or grandfather was rocking the same pair of Chuck Taylor's that you currently own. Converse Chuck Taylor’s has gained the loyalty of consumers from all markets with their simple and timeless design. Their newest campaign gave cities a facelift and all Chucks had to do was “Just Add Color” to revamp Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The campaigns incorporated various street artists using several techniques including paint, confetti, and even paint balls! It is clear by the video that Chucks aren’t trying to sell, but instead spread art on the streets while increasing brand awareness and following. Check out this amazing video of the whole process!

[Via Sports Wear Net]


Dog Trash

This campaign by New Style is heartbreaking, especially for you animal lovers out there! New Style placed a trash bin labeled, “Dogs” next to various others we are familiar with. With a leash poking out of the “Dogs” bin, it makes us stop in our tracks and think twice about the abandonment of animals. What do you guys think?

[Via Creative Criminals]


Heineken Fans Create Limited Edition Bottles

In celebration of Heineken's 140th birthday, they gave artists around the world the chance to design a limited addition bottle! Facebook was used so designers could partner up with each other and pair up their designs, while also making social connections around the world. The top designs were judged in New York and the winning bottle was mass produced for sale all over the world. A designer in Mexico and a designer in Australia connected to blow away the competition. It's great when companies look to consumers to collaborate and contribute to the brand!

[Via Digital Buzz Blog]