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Event Marketing: Aroma Festival at The Rocks, Mona Lisa in Coffee

The universal scent of “wake-up”, shared by millions, is the arousing fragrance of coffee or tea in the morning. At the annual Aroma Festival at The Rocks in Sydney, Australia, coffee addicts across the world join to smell, sip and splurge on their favorite liquid indulgence. In order to add some spice to the already flavorful affair, event coordinators, Sydney Harbor Foreshore Authority, Grinders Coffee and Dairy Farmers collaborated to re-create the Mona Lisa Masterpiece with coffee. To achieve the different levels of color, multiple brews of pure coffee and espresso drinks were prepared in order to create the unique medium. Along with a caffeine buzz, festival attendees left with new insight into the possibilities of modern art.


Mall Marketing: Oreo Elevator

Personal preference aside, everyone loves to dunk an Oreo cookie in milk. Whether you fancy your cookie au naturel, double-stuffed or dowsed in a hard chocolate cover, it’s more fun when you dunk. The Oreo Elevator is a creative marketing technique that triggers the helpless sweet-tooth so many of us undeniably have. Innocent shoppers left the mall with more than just their recent purchase, they left with a craving for milks favorite cookie.


Product Placement: Colgate, Don't Forget to Brush!

Some ice-cream bars promise a creamy caramel filling, while others may pledge a chocolate fudge center. Colgate, however, offers an ice-cream bar filled with a little reminder; Don’t Forget to Brush! (and while you’re at it… use Colgate!). To take the brand off the shelf and in to customer minds, Colgate surpassed traditional means of communication and headed straight for our sweet tooth. Instead of preaching against cavity-prone consumption, Colgate encourages it, even provides it, as long as consumption is accompanied by a fun, simple reminder to always brush.