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Orange UK: Live Social Media

Roxy Pro 2011 sponsor Orange UK distributed RFID wristbands that enabled attendees to connect to Facebook to share live experiences at the event while supporting a good cause!

Surf fans connected to their Facebook accounts through check-in terminals where they could take pictures that immediately posted onto their walls. Every 100 check-ins was matched with a surfing lesson donation to rural and urban youth programs.

[Via Creative Guerrilla]


The Volkswagen Canada Art Heist

Volkswagen Canada has unleashed the inner-bandit in audiences across the country by celebrating the launch of the new 2012 Jetta GLI.

Several pop-up galleries featuring limited-edition light paintings created by the new car model were placed in subtle locations to draw unexpecting admirers—and to tempt the more brazen.

Those who took the art were greeted by a small message on the back complimenting the “art thieves” on their exquisite taste and directing them to Volkswagen Canada’s Facebook page to share how they are displaying their new paintings.

[Via Marketing]


IKEA's Manland

An IKEA in Australia has figured out a solution to reduce the number of quarreling couples roaming their maze-like isles.

A perfect cross between one of the Swedish furniture giant’s living room displays and a typical “man cave”, Manland has thrilled retail phobic men in Sydney. The space is fully equipped with several flatscreens playing nonstop sports, fooseball tables, video games and free hotdogs.

Manland was only a four-day trial, but given its immense media coverage and the fact that women now dominate consumer spending, it just might catch on!

[Via Springwise]

Durex Fortune Teller

In Taiwan the issue of sex is complexly “in your face” and extremely taboo at the same time— naturally making it challenging for a brand like Durex to give away samples, much less promote safe sex.

The brilliant minds at Ogilvy & Mather, however, helped Durex overcome complicated cultural barriers by tapping into the Taiwanese tradition of fortune telling within popular nightlife districts.

Xerud: The Lover’s Fortune Teller— aka the cunning D-u-r-e-x spelled backwards sampling-machine — fostered product awareness and generated consumer buzz by giving bar and nightclub guests free love fortunes. Each distributed fortune was accompanied by a product sample, equipping party-goers with the appropriate nightlife accessories to stay safe and educated.