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Marketing Creativity: Man VS. Wild Cuisine

Discovery Channel's biggest outdoor adventure series, Man VS. Wild, is known for its adventurous destinations, extreme survival tips and unique choice of cuisine. To help promote the show's latest season, ad agency DaftFCB put a modern twist on survival dining. Images of Zebra burritos, Maggot fries and Dung Beetle pizzas were placed on display posters and online sites to get viewers excited for the show's April premiere. A meal that Bear Grylls (Man VS. Wild host) can truly enjoy. [via I Believe in Advertising]


New Social Media Marketing: Coca-Cola Village

The marketing masterminds behind the Coca-Cola Village, a series of fun summertime events held for teenagers in Israel, implemented a new promotional campaign that literally brought online-life offline. Hundreds of Coca-Cola Village event-goers were given electronic ID bracelets that carried personal Facebook login and password codes. Bracelet scanning boxes were placed surrounding all activity areas of the event with labels reading, "Scan your ID wristband here," to automatically "like" this activity on your Facebook account. Once scanned, an automatic "like" was posted on each person's personal Facebook page. Wristbands were also scanned by event photographers which automatically tagged photos that were uploaded to Facebook.

The campaign received over 100,000 Facebook posts over the course of three days! A promotion that truly shows the power of social media marketing! Watch the video to get a better understanding of how the system worked!

[via adland & digitalbuzz]


Mutli-City Mobile Tour: Lay's Potato Farm

Lay's Chips is proud to produce potato chips from all naturally grown products. This summer, the favored chip company launched its first multi-city Lay's mobile farm tour. A mobile greenhouse unit decked with the freshest Lay's produce visited five cities across the US. Expert potato farmers on board the mobile green house interacted with interested consumers and educated visitors about the benefits of local farming. To top off the event, Lay's distributed free plants to attendees in hopes of encouraging home gardening in metropolitan areas.
[via Snack Chat, Lay's Facebook & Momtrends]


Sample Distribution: Red Bull Airdrop

Traditional sampling techniques just don't cut it anymore. Red Bull recently launched a new guerrilla marketing campaign better known as the Red Bull Airdrop. Large wooden crates with red parachutes were secretly placed at a number of college campuses across the country. On the side of each box, a little hole was cut out, allowing dozens of Red Bull cans to spew out for unsuspecting passers to enjoy. Students and campus faculty were able to sip on free Red Bulls by the hand full. Check out the video for the great reactions captured by the program. [via Tim Ho]


Viral Video: POWA Domestic Violence Awareness

Every year over 1400 woman are killed by their partners in South Africa. POWA, People Opposing Women Abuse, wanted to raise public awareness about this alarming number. POWA created the powerful message that violence against women is not only carried out by an abuser, but also by enablers. The video shows how people have no problem complaining about loud music at night but choose to ignore domestic violence sounds that are just as loud. By creating a viral video that captured the surprising behavior of the public, POWA hopes to encourage people to report any suspicion of abuse being heard or seen.


Promotional Stunt: Coca-Cola Friendship Day

Coca-Cola's marketing campaigns are best known for bringing happiness to their consumers. On July 20th, the soda company brought unsuspecting coke drinkers together to celebrate International Friendship Day. The Friendship Machine, a 10 ft. tall soda machine, was placed in the center of a busy school cafeteria in Argentina. The only way to reach the soda buttons was with the assistance of a good friend. Once the money was inserted, students received two cokes for the price of one! The only true soda to quench your thirst and help you make a new friend all at the same time! [via ZappingLatam]


Non-Traditional Marketing: Schlüssel & Schloss Crow Bar Security

To help spread the word about home burglary rates, an Austrian home security company placed crowbar stickers directly on neighborhood apartment doors. Residents came home to a startling image of a crowbar wrenched into their door knob. Printed on the back of each sticker was information on summertime robberies and contact information on how to install a home security system. Eye catching and informative, this "home-hitting" campaign is definitely not your typical door hanger! [via Marketing Alternatif]


Experiential Marketing: WhopperFace

Burger King wanted to prove to it’s customers that you really can ‘Have it your Way.’ By positioning hidden cameras above each cash register, employees were able to capture images of customers as their Whopper orders were being placed. Each picture was then printed and wrapped around each individual burger. By personalizing the Whopper, this guerrilla stunt successfully brought a new wave of loyal customers to the already booming fast food joint.


Non-Traditional Marketing: Water Talks Billboard

Solidarités International: Water talks from La Boite Concept on Vimeo.

Solidarité created a billboard that tamed the greatest Earth element! To spread public awareness about unsafe drinking water, Solidarité programmed a water machine to display falling text in a unique way. This guerrilla stunt located at the Place du Palais Royal in Paris, France was able to stop passersby right in their tracks. Watch the video to see the billboard in action and to learn a little about the dangers of consuming contaminated drinking water.