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New Social Media Marketing: Coca-Cola Village

The marketing masterminds behind the Coca-Cola Village, a series of fun summertime events held for teenagers in Israel, implemented a new promotional campaign that literally brought online-life offline. Hundreds of Coca-Cola Village event-goers were given electronic ID bracelets that carried personal Facebook login and password codes. Bracelet scanning boxes were placed surrounding all activity areas of the event with labels reading, "Scan your ID wristband here," to automatically "like" this activity on your Facebook account. Once scanned, an automatic "like" was posted on each person's personal Facebook page. Wristbands were also scanned by event photographers which automatically tagged photos that were uploaded to Facebook.

The campaign received over 100,000 Facebook posts over the course of three days! A promotion that truly shows the power of social media marketing! Watch the video to get a better understanding of how the system worked!

[via adland & digitalbuzz]

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