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Experiential Marketing: Life in the Fast Lane

Tired of being behind that slow driver in the fast lane? Tired of moving through life in a sluggish manner? Well why not speed it up? Volkswagen Automobiles created an innovative marketing campaign to promote the latest Polo GTI. The promotion put emphasis on the fact that life in the fast lane is more fun and much more efficient than some may think. Check out the two videos below to experience a few of the stunts created.


Premium Samples: Peugeot & Quicksilver Magazine Advertisment

When Peugeot decided to make a Quicksilver branded car from a 207 Peugeot, they also had to find a creative way to reach their specific target audience. By utilizing a Brazilian surf magazine, Fluir, a detachable Ad of 100% paraphine (surf wax) was inserted onto a blank page within the magazine. Readers soon were able to ball up the detachable advertisement and wax their boards before hitting the water.

Publicity Stunt: Heineken Relationship Influencer Campaign

So you like football? Or should we say soccer? Well, Heineken staged an unconventional crowdsourcing campaign that got soccer fans all riled up! The longtime beer brewer got in touch with several relationship influencers, from college professors to company supervisors and even girlfriends, and asked them to persuade their die hard soccer fan friends to miss one of the most important matches of the year. Instead of cheering on their favorite teams, soccer fans were "forcefully" asked to attend a night of classical music with their partners. Unknowingly, the willing participants were in for a guerrilla marketing treat that captured the attention of news channels worldwide!


Non-Traditional Guerrilla Marketing: Real-Time Samples

TBWA a Brazilian marketing company came up with an idea for the re-launch of Kaiak men’s cologne. Stationed in 15 LAN houses across Brazil, was a scent strip distributor positioned behind each computer in the house. When an unsuspecting person clicks a banner on the online sign-in page, a small scent strip is ejected from the back of the computer. The campaign resulted in a 17.2% click through rate which is 43 times higher than the global average! [via digital buzz]

Environmental Marketing: Plastic Pollution Coalition's Guerrilla Awareness

Recently the Plastic Pollution Coalition and Rethink Communications combined forces to raise pollution awareness within the city of Vancouver. The idea was to get people thinking about plastic pollution around the world and encourage individuals to take on an active role in protecting the environment. Giant plastic six-pack can holders were placed on large urban sculptures and statues in downtown Vancouver. The guerrilla campaign helps to increase awareness on how we all affect the planet even with the smallest of items like the plastic six-pack can holder. [via osocio]