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Reinventing the Album Launch: Oasis' Street Musician Promo

To promote the release of the latest Oasis album, four tracks were leaked to street musicians in NYC. The selected street artists performed the songs at specific times and locations during the weeks leading up to the release. A truly unique and wildly successful approach to guerrilla album launches.

The video below is a must-see.


Chicago Sky Uses Guerilla Tactics To Stop People In Their Tracks

Chicagoans on their way to work were forced to stop, somewhat abruptly, and notice the WNBA’s Chicago Sky team’s newest advertisement. Sky took to the streets and showed off their defensive skills by taking over a revolving door to a busy downtown office building. Decals of players were placed on the glass, the door was locked, and a hidden camera was installed. Accompanying the stunt was text reading, “Trouble getting through? Now you can sympathize with the other 12 teams in the league.” We love Sky’s bold approach and willingness to get in your way and make you take notice.