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Guerrilla Stunt: Delivery.com Street Marketing

Delivery.com was looking for a unique and creative way to inform local residents of their non-traditional delivery service. Two Delivery.com brand ambassadors set out on foot, in the busy streets of New York, carrying a large pile of goods, all with only two hands. The promotion caught the attention of many passers and sent good traffic to the Delivery.com website. Check out the video to watch all the attention the EPIC delivery made. [via Marketing Alternatif]


Creative Print Marketing: McDonald's Sandwich for Experts

McDonald's latest advertising campaign shines a new light on its well known fast-food burgers. A new print ad designed by creative agency DDB was set forth to help promote McDonald's latest menu in Hungary. Within the ad, a stack of books is placed accordingly to create a visual display of a burger. At the very bottom, a short sentence reads, "The M: A sandwich for experts." A creative, new gourmet twist on the famous American food chain and the perception of its burgers. [via The Inspiration Room]

Street Marketing: Vodafone Italy

When it comes to choice of payment, the one cent coin is always at the bottom of everyone's coin jar. Vodafone Italy decided that it was time to revive the one cent and promote its use through their latest one cent per minute phone plan. To get the public hyped up for the launch, a guerrilla stunt was planned to congratulate an unsuspecting individual who truly knows how to appreciate the value of the cent. Check out the viral video to watch the celebration in action. Keep an eye out for the choreographed marching band, promotional super models and all the Easter bunnies in action. [via Marketing Alternatif]


Billboard Marketing: Lay's Kettle Cooked Chips


To promote the latest Kettle Cooked Chips being sold at local grocery stores, Lay's decided to erect a billboard advertisement that can truly be deemed as one-of-a-kind. The chip company hired a team of professional artists, over the course of 10 days, to create a hand-carved wooden billboard displaying the newest all-natural potato chip. In giant letters, the phrase "crafted with care" was carved into the center of the board; a slogan and action true to the Lay's philosophy. [via Creative Criminals]


Viral Video Marketing: Samsung Galaxy 850

Samsung was looking for a creative way to hype consumers up for the latest release of the Galaxy 850 smart phone. Teaming up with The Viral Factory, Samsung released a viral video that encourages consumers to "use their influence" to spark social collaborations. The clip starts with a little girl dancing to her own tune and opens up to a flash mob-like dance scene with hundreds of adults joining in. Take a look at the adorable video that has over 4 million views! [via Adverblog]


Guerrilla Marketing: Wateraid Dig Toilets, Not Graves

Over 2.6 billion people worldwide do not have access to sanitary toilets or clean water washing units. These harsh conditions take the lives of 4,000 children globally each day. To generate donations and awareness around this growing issue, Wateraid, an international non-governmental organisation, unleashed a unique remote-controlled machine into the streets of London. The message- while you can escape the one poo following you around, billions around the world can't. The public was encouraged to visit the Wateraid website to donate and help stop these deadly conditions. The promotion's simple slogan sums the situation up clearly and concisely, "Start digging toilets, not graves." [Via WaterAid]


Cause Marketing: Serbia Suicide Prevention

Serbia's Suicide Prevention Office (SPO) needed a creative marketing stunt to address a serious problem. Working with McCann Erickson, SPO created a guerrilla light projection that was displayed below Belgrade's tallest bridge. The light projection lit up a simple, yet poignant, phrase "niste sami" -meaning "you are not alone." This campaign is in response to the country's alarming yearly suicide averages. Only visible once peering over the side of the bridge, this message is delivered to individuals at possibly one of their greatest times of need. The cause marketing stunt was picked up by 5 TV stations and 9 major national newspaper publications. [via AdFreak & Ads of the World]