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Guerrilla Gardening: Street Cred for Foliage


While all would make great band names, "Seed Bombings," "Elicit Cultivations," and "Nocturnal Plantings" refer to an environmentally friendly graffiti of sorts: Guerrilla Gardening. Nature lovers in NYC have been doing this technically illegal community beautification since the '70s, but recent pop-up gardens have us inspired to head to the nearest nursery and get to beautifying. Whether taking over a street corner or introducing a single leafy friend to your neighborhood (as seen here), we're always happy to see guerrilla tactics showing their green side.


Stairwell Smells Soon to be a Thing of the Past


UK parking company National Car Parks (NCP) recently developed technology capable of replacing less than desirable smells in parking garage stairwells with more favorable scents (think roses, fresh bread and roast chicken). Trial garages in four English cities are featuring the different smells and asking consumers to visit their website to vote for their favorite. The winning scent will take over stairwells at these garages, and, if the campaign is successful enough, could go nationwide. Fingers crossed a stateside expansion won't be too far behind.



Airborne Advertising


Bubbly liquid+helium= bubble advertising? Called "flogos" for flying logos, this playful medium is gaining popularity amongst a variety of U.S. marketers. A handful of variables (heat? wind?) to consider, but a fun contribution to guerrilla techniques regardless. Bubbles aren't just for babies anymore.



Not your Granny's Floor Vinyls

If the first few months of this year are any indication of things to come, 2009 is going to be the "Year of the Floor Vinyl". The level of creativity seen so far has been downright impressive. Both Frontline and SwissSkydive.com managed to take this non-traditional advertising to a stomach churning level with clever design and location selection. In Jakarta, mall-goers played the part of infesting fleas for shoppers on higher levels as they walked over the massive Yellow Lab image. The bird's eye view found in Netherlands' elevators had to have inspired many a stomach flip-flop. We always have to give props to those that can make our insides do a little dance.





College students will do anything for coffee

CoffeeCompany, a cafe chain in the Netherlands, has turned cash-strapped, caffeine dependent college students into their most effective brand ambassadors. The company recently began offering free coffee to those willing to add a CoffeeCompany branded Powerpoint slide to their classroom presentations.

Captive audiences, comprised of the company's target demographic, receiving brand information through one of their peers... does it get any better than this!?