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QR Codes Activating Virtual Stores

The QR code in all it's simplicity, how could it could possibly streamline into the real world without it being just a novelty and a complete waste of time?

Alright all you haters out there, check this clever campaign from Tesco's grocery stores in South Korea. Creating a life like shopping experience in local subways, passersby were able to scan the items they wanted and add them to their "virtual" shopping basket. The items were then delivered straight to their doorstep in the comfort of their homes, on the same day!
The campaign had tremendous results with 10,287 consumers visiting the store, membership increased by 76% and online sales by 130%.

Scan me a loaf of bread on your way home would you?


HTC Invades Belgian Train Stations

HTC are known for their quirky marketing campaigns, yet again delivering a successful and cost-effective publicity stunt in Belgium. An army of the highly recognizable, fluorescent green Android's in various configurations, meticulously filled railway stations in Antwerp, Brussels, and Namur. The 'Android Invasion' marked the launch for the new HTC line of Android products and came as a pleasant surprise for the morning commuters.

[Via Engadget]


3D Projection Mapping: Hot wheels™

3D Projection Mapping has brought an extra dimension to the experiential marketing world allowing agencies to create campaigns that project jaw-dropping visual experiences on buildings around the world. By mapping three dimensional points to a two-dimensional plane, video artists are able to match video to the exterior of buildings.

In a spine tingling show lasting just over 3 minutes, the notorious Hot Wheels™ Skull Racers shattered the facade of Customs House in Sydney, Australia as they competed in the ultimate speed racing battle.

[Via DigitalBuzzBlog]