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Tokyo Flash's Shinshoku: Yet another kick ass time piece from the future

Ok, I admit it: I knew about this watch early last week, but I waited to post until after payday (today) so I could order one first. Tokyo Flash, probably the best-known online retailer for all things cool in watches, comes out with yet another one, the Shinshoku. And like the other watch I bought from them, when someone asks me how I tell time, I'll be able to give them my normal answer: "with my phone."


Solo Mobile: Bus Stop Ads Let You Talk to Strangers

These bus stop ads by Solo Mobile show off their push to talk walkie talkie phone features by allowing people in some bus stops to talk to one another. Textually reports.
The ads are running in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and Calgary.

They remind me of the "Talk to God" booths found in Black Rock City, Nevada which allow you to do the same thing.

(photo credit: www.emeraldbayphoto.com)


Hoodies for Good: Graffiti Removal

This story in the Buchanan Obvserver is about a close-circuit television capturing two "male youths" dressed in hoodies coming to the scene of some offensive slogans spray painted on the side of a minibus...to clean it up.

They didn't know if it was the same people who had painted it, whether parents noticed the work and told them to do so, or if it was just two kids who thought the mess needed cleaning up.

Flyers in Spokes

We keep seeing this on the streets of San Francisco, but are not exactly sure what to make of it.