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Arcade Fire Makes an Interactive Music Video for “We Used to Wait” on The Suburbs Album

Music by nature can be experiential. And a music video can be a powerful method of intensifying a listener’s experience. However, since Youtube’s dominance as the main platform for online videos, the traditional music video has become standardized. As with all things in advertising and marketing, standardization limits the ability to stand out of the clutter and offer an unique experience.
However, with the help of Google Chrome, Arcade Fire is able to raise the bar and make their music videos highly interactive, relatable, and experiential. By positioning and timing pop-ups as well as utilizing Google’s entire mapping network, Arcade Fire makes a Google Experiment video for “We Used To Wait” that includes images of your home and the area around it. Powerful video, and even better execution.
Note: If you do not use Google Chrome or you have a slow computer, it might not work. In that case, you will have to settle with the Youtube video below.