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Mentos: Giving the People the Publicity Stunt They Want


Mentos went guerrilla for the Canadian release of their new gum. 12,000 people participated in a contest that invited those interested to submit ideas on how to "make the world go rounder," with the grand prize being $5,000 and the execution of their idea. As part of the campaign's promotion, the brand let thousands of jumping balls loose in Canadian cities and filmed city-goers reactions and interactions with the balls. Winners will be announced shortly.


Mannequin Marketing


In an effort to put pressure on the New York City Council, interest group Privy Council called on Saatchi & Saatchi to draw attention to the need for more public restroom facilities. A clever (and shameless) way to attract eyes, these mannequins were placed in plain sight around the city. The mannequin backs directed passers-by to the Privy Council website, and encouraged those interested to contact city reps to voice the need for a new network of public restrooms.