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Creative Marketing: "Eat 'Em Like Junk Food" Baby Carrots

Study has shown that only 26% of Americans eat the daily recommended helping of fruits and vegetables everyday. To encourage consumers to have a more health conscious diet, the baby carrots industry decided to put a new twist on the crunchy vegetarian snack. "A Bunch of Carrot Farmers" decided to package and market baby carrots with a"junk food" appeal. Vending machines holding potato chip-like packages of baby carrots have been placed throughout middle schools on the East Coast. Extreme baby carrot commercials have also been created to capture the attention and appetite of a more youth-direct audience. The new baby carrot slogan: "Eat 'Em Like Junk Food!" Check out the latest videos and visit the site to learn more about the latest campaign! [via NY Times and Babycarrots.com]


In-Store Guerrilla Marketing: Pescariu Sports Romania

Pescariu Sports in Romania decided to give local residents "20 minutes of muscles" to help increase membership sign-ups for the new season. The sports center distributed customized haircut aprons to neighborhood hairdressers and barbers. Imprinted on each apron was an image of a muscle-ripped upper body, complete with rock hard abs and a sun-kissed tan. Locals who went in for haircuts enjoyed 20 minutes of having a muscular, gym-blessed body. As a result, 50% of customers signed up for Pascariu Sports membership within three months since the launch of the campaign. [via ibeliveinadvertising]


Non-Traditional Flyering: Audi Quattro Magnets

To create buzz around the newest Audi all-wheel drive Quattro, Lowe Roche created a non-traditional marketing campaign that captured the interest of many automobile enthusiasts. Mini model Quattro car magnets were placed around popular event locations and street corners. Passersby curious enough to take a closer look at the mini models received a free toy car with a special note included on its underside, "Nothing sticks like Quattro." Check out the video for all the great reactions the campaign received! [via Lowe Roche]


Outdoor Marketing: Playground Outdoor Mosquitoes

Playground, a Swedish outdoor company, decided that the best way to connect with their target audience was to zone in on everyone's most common Summer enemy, the mosquito. The store created a live mosquito filled room in front of their Stockholm location and dared brave shoppers to spend some time in the area. Each customer that entered the room received one percent off repellent products for every mosquito bite they had to endure. The promotion gained great media coverage and increased foot traffic into Playground stores significantly for the month. Watch the video to see the execution of the entire campaign. [via Ourwork on Vimeo]


Experiential Marketing: Gillette Subway B.O.

Riding public transportation always has its ups and downs. Gillette shaving and skincare decided to call out the individuals responsible for causing such discomfort on the subway. Large text ads were placed throughout NYC subway cars warning riders of "B.O. Zones." Now sweaty commuters must think twice before grasping hold of subway handle bars or at least use some Gillette before coming on board! [via Gothamist]


Non-Profit Guerrilla Marketing: UNICEF Dirty Water

To educate the public about the issues of unsafe drinking water, UNICEF came up with a guerrilla marketing promotion unique to all others. UNICEF workers created a soda machine that dispensed "dirty water" for consumers to "purchase". All different types of bottled "diseases" were put into the soda machine, including: Malaria, Cholera, Typhoid and Dysentery. By the end of the day no one drank the water but hundreds donated money by inserting money into the machines and by texting mobile messages to a specified number. Watch the video to see the public's reaction to this great street stunt.


Non-Traditional Marketing: Resident Evil Afterlife

Are you prepared for the zombie attack? To hype up the premiere of the latest Resident Evil Afterlife blockbuster, battle-scarred zombie arms were placed along the busy streets of Madrid. Next to each gruesome hand was a postcard with information on the 3D movie. Startled pedestrians took double-glances at every human-like hand reaching out of sewer gutters and gardens. Check out the video to view more public reactions! Resident Evil Afterlife 3D comes out in theaters on September 10, 2010. [via Marketing Alternatif]

Guerrilla Publicity Stunt: Universal Studios King Kong

Who knew giant gorillas also loved long walks on the beach! Extra large primate footprints were stamped across Santa Monica Beach to promote Universal Studios' latest amusement park attraction, King Kong 360 3-D. To top the stunt off, a monkey-crushed lifeguard vehicle was positioned right in the line of Kong's walking path. Fortunately, no lifeguards were injured in the creation of this great publicity stunt! Peter Jackson's King Kong 360 3-D is now open at Universal Studios Hollywood. [via adgoodness]


Mobile Marketing: State Farm "On the Move" App

Local law enforcements have been severely cracking down on drivers who talk on the phone or text while driving. In California, being caught using a mobile device with text-based communication while driving can result in a fine up to $50. State Farm has fortunately created an Android app to help text-eager drivers avoid committing such crimes. The app allows drivers to set a pre-typed message that is automatically sent as a response to all text messages that are received while driving. When your drive time is complete, simply turn off the application and reply to your friends. A great marketing campaign that keeps you safe and interested in what the brand has to offer.