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'VIP Fridge Magnet' Makes Pizza Ordering as Easy as Pushing a Button

Have you ever wanted something and said, "I wish it was as easy as pushing a button". Well someone in Dubai heard your cries and made it happen! A local pizza company in Dubai created the “VIP Fridge Magnet", and all you have to do is push the button and pizza magically appears at your doorstep. The pizza craver sets up their desired pizza toppings online then it is automatically synced to their account from then on. Is this making our lives too easy or a gift from the Pizza Gods? Tell us what you think!

[Via Video Gum]


World Water Day Shares a Dirty Little Secret

For this year's World Water Day, Greenpeace, a non-governmental environmental organization decided to share a "Dirty Little Secret" with the world. Greenpeace created posters with non-toxic ink to be washed away to reveal the not so pretty truth about the fashion industry and how it contributes to polluted water. Check out the video to see reactions!

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Nokia's Around the World on 1 Battery!

The best way to show that something works is to prove it. Nokia went above and beyond to prove to the world that they have the best battery life in their smart phones. A man started his journey in Warsaw and visited 4 continents and 12 cities. He used one charged battery throughout the whole campaign and used the phone to update social media networks along the way. Nokia’s “Around the World on 1 Battery” gained attention on TV and reached over 10 million impressions online!

[Via Creative Criminals]

Coca-Cola Launches "Papertweetos"

We've seen a lot of cool guerrilla marketing coming from Coca-Cola lately and here is another one that doesn't disappoint. In Argentina, sports fans are devoted to their soccer team and show that devotion via social networking sites. In order for players who may not log on to see these messages or tweets from fans, Coca-Cola created "Papertweetos" to be launched (literally) into the stadium! Looks like big fun with an even bigger clean up!

[Via Creative Criminals]


Mercedes-Benz Creates an Invisible Car

Mercedes-Benz wanted to promote their new car with technology that allows it to run with 0.0 emissions. With no harm done to the environment, the car is almost invisible. So what did Mercedes-Benz decide to do? Yep, they made it invisible! The cameras on one side of the car captured video of everything it passed by. Simultaneously, that video was projected on the other side of the car that was laced with LED lights. Guerrilla Marketing does it again! Imagination and creativity create awareness and spark fun and engagement. Check out this amazing video.

[Via Creative Guerrilla Marketing]