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Audi Takes on Paintball

Car advertisements are dull. From winding roads demonstrating handling to city streets expressing gas mileage, it’s all been done before. Audi breathes new life into tired automobile demonstrations by stepping into the paintball arena. Two Audi RS4s, equipped with guns and paint, battle to win points for how many hits they got, flair, and creativity. Not only are the paint jobs rad but I have never seen a cooler, more interactive way to demonstrate a car’s many capabilities. Braking sporadically, drastic turns, unannounced reversing – you see it all. This fast/fresh approach is so fun to watch that you forget its promoting anything.

[Via Creativity-Online.com]

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Land Rover Esc Key

Most office day jobs require more PC interaction than people interaction. Land Rover, whose motto is “Above & Beyond,” stayed true to their word by sending prospective Land Rover adventurers the Land Rover LR4 Escape Key. The Rover-shaped key allows recipients to personalize their keyboard in a special way. Land Rover’s creative efforts paid off as they saw a 208% increase in test drives. Just finished a sizable project at work? Reward yourself with an escape of the everyday. 


The Most Responsive Bus Stop

As someone who relies on multiple means of public transportation daily, I can attest to the extreme boredom that accompanies bus stops. Not only do you feel like people don’t understand the rush you’re in, but they're going out of their way to perform at their all-time slowest. Sometimes don’t you just wish a Lambo would pull up and drop you off at work? Dreams came true for bus stop attendees thanks to mobile tech firm Qualcomm. When commuters responded to the various ads posted in the stop their wait became a little more interesting, becoming the best bus stop ever!

[Via The Presurfer]


SONY: Augmented Reality Music Fest

Sony integrates augmented reality as an out of home alternative to create a music festival. And not just any music festival, a headphone music festival where people use their own cellphones and Sony headphones to jam together with their favorite bands. Simply downloading an app, and pointing the phone to a promo poster will make the band of your choice pop up from the poster. Starting off in Shibuya, Tokyo, Sony has now launched these posters all over Japan for people to captivate and engage. Crowds are able to appreciate the feel of live music with their favorite bands at their own convenience.

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FYI no TXTing

Texting while driving is a guaranteed way to piss off just about every other focused driver on the road. More importantly, it is a careless way to cause a deadly accident. Created by TBWA/RAAD for Nissan, these eerie sculptures composed of crashed cars have been touring through universities in Dubai to get young drives to stop texting and start thinking behind the wheel. The period, provided by the QR code, brings smart-phone users to a mobile site where they can post a prewritten pledge to their social networks. More sculptures are said to be in the works and will hopefully continue to bring a visual awareness to the deadly - and avoidable - tragedies caused by texting while driving. 


Lenovo Yoga Bus

Lenovo, the leading mobile-PC maker, takes on China with it's new laptop tablet hybrid, the Yoga. The company takes on a mobile tour with brand ambassadors, a street team, and even a rotating chair. As the tour travels through China, many people take pictures of the well designed bus that showcases creativity. This campaign is based on the merits of being educational and exciting.

[via Engadget]

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What better way to celebrate National Condom Month (yes, that just happened) than test your sexual health knowledge Cash Cab style. This Valentine’s Day Trojan Safe Ride’s brand ambassadors will be trolling around NYC in taxis sporting condom-shaped ads to quiz couples. “Sex-perts” who correctly answer five or more questions win a Trojan Brand prize pack. Know all the facts and win free condoms for a year! These cabs provide the visual component of Trojan and the American Sexual Health Association’s campaign, which also includes a “Condomology” website and short film on “The History of Condoms.” This event will go down as one of the most memorable/potentially awkward V-Days. 

[Via PSFK]
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DJ Porta Potty

Music festival season is just around the corner. From Coachella to Sasquatch, music lovers will be lining up to experience the rush of seeing Black Keys, Mumford and Sons, and Chili Peppers jam from the front row. They will also be rushing to line up for the porta potties. Not as fun…unless you attended Personal Fest in Buenos Aires, Argentina where individual porta potties were tricked out to play unique sounds once occupied. With people going in and out, the funky mix of sounds made waiting in line less “crap-tastic” and more like a Calvin Harris show. 

[Via Adverblog]
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Less Fumble, More Fondle

FHM gets handsy! While most gentlemen's magazines just tease readers with images of scantily clad beauties, FHM wanted to increase their readers' BRT (bra removal time). To insure no bra goes unclasped, FHM distributed their "bra-lendar" to select readers for daily practice. The three-tiered calendar is organized by month, date, and day, encouraging recipients to master the art of bra removal. By undoing the lingerie's hooks, they proceed to the next day and get one step closer to victory. While the bra-lendar is currently only available to certain male subscribers, high school boys everywhere are trying to get their hands on it. Or a real bra.

[Via PSFK]
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