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MINI Rickshas Invade Beijing

mini-usa-street-team-marketing-by-event-promotion-agencyThose clever little elves over at Mini Cooper have found a way to infiltrate traditional Chinese transport at the '08 Olympic Games by setting lose several bike power MINI-cycle rickshaws on the streets of Beijing. Functional, stylish, and branding so spicy you'll be chattering about it until the next Lunar New Year. (al)


Flavor Tripping

flavor-tripping-by-event-marketing-agencyA very cool twist on the art party, Flavor Tripping is described as “is an ongoing series of Bacchanalian food tasting smackdowns that occur about once a month, beginning in February ‘08 in NYC and SF.”

I can’t do much of a better job describing it than they have on their site, but the berries of the Miracle Fruit add an experiential and almost ritualistic element to the event.

From the site:
"$25 - includes a berry and a buffet of regular everyday food items that we have curated to showcase the transformative power of the fruit. Everything from lemons, to cheeses to beer to other things you may not expect. A berry should give you a trip of one to two hours."

We didn't get to attend the event as it sold out quickly (and we found out from the inside that it was because they ran out of berries) but hope to attend it in the future and will re-post with information about our experience. (nc)

Wrigley Gets in Your Face

Ah! Giant, sparkling, white teeth!

Wrigley is bringing a little humor to morning commutes and coffee breaks with its "Extra White Smile" ad campaign. The stickers, cleverly placed on the bottom of Starbucks cups, give you full permission to point and laugh at random people on the commuter train. Who knows, you might even be inclined to start a conversation. Word of mouth marketing at it's best (and most literal, har har). (at)


Grassy Flip-Flops by...Krispy Kreme?

krispy-kreme-promotional-models-for-street-team-marketingCrappy job. Cramped cubicle. Broken A/C. Enough to drive the average human worker drone insane. Until now.

Krispy Kreme is hard at work forcing the Summer "vibe" upon us (well, at least those of us who live in London - only available in the UK for the time being) from the ankles, down with their new Grass Flip-Flops. In conjunction with Summer concert giveaways, Krispy Kreme is hoping that this will kickstart a "at-one-with-nature" frame of mind with those who live kilometers away from the nearest patch.

If anyone sees this promo in effect, please snag us a pair. There are a box of sumo squishies in it for you! (al)