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Grassy Flip-Flops by...Krispy Kreme?

krispy-kreme-promotional-models-for-street-team-marketingCrappy job. Cramped cubicle. Broken A/C. Enough to drive the average human worker drone insane. Until now.

Krispy Kreme is hard at work forcing the Summer "vibe" upon us (well, at least those of us who live in London - only available in the UK for the time being) from the ankles, down with their new Grass Flip-Flops. In conjunction with Summer concert giveaways, Krispy Kreme is hoping that this will kickstart a "at-one-with-nature" frame of mind with those who live kilometers away from the nearest patch.

If anyone sees this promo in effect, please snag us a pair. There are a box of sumo squishies in it for you! (al)

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