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Promotional Costumed Characters: Supor Non-Stick Pans

To launch the latest non-stick cookware products, Supor, a Shanghai based corporation, created a guerrilla marketing campaign that caught the attention of passersby of all ages. First, giant "wok" skate ramps were placed in the middle of high foot traffic shopping centers. Then, a group of extreme skaters dressed as giant prawns, fish, carrots and eggs were unleashed into unsuspecting crowds to perform inline stunts and tricks. Check out the video and witness the back flipping, man-sized skating shrimps for yourself!


Sumo Giveaway: LIVE Online Raffle

Attack! is teaming up with RaffleDog.com to give away a Sumo Prize Package! Entries are now being accepted at www.raffledog.com.

What comes with winning the raffle?
  • 2 Attack! Sumo T-shirts
  • 1 Stress Relieving Squishy Sumo
  • 1 Autographed Photo of 3 time Sumo World Champion Byambajav Ulambayar
  • Sumo Thumb Wrestling Set
  • If you're a California Resident, we're also raffling off 2 tickets for the Sumo World Championships in LA. Check out their "Local" page on the site.
Our reason for the raffle?
We love sumo. We love people who love sumo. We love giving things away and Christmas is just too far away!

The raffle winner will be announced on Thursday, 7/29 at 9:30pm ET. Everyone is welcome to enter! For more information, please visit www.raffledog.com


Educational Marketing: Alzheimer's Awareness

A New Zealand ad company came up with the idea to spread Alzheimer's awareness in an unconventional way. The company decided to make portable USB drives to help the public learn about the first stages of the disease: memory loss.The phrase "Alzheimer's erases your memories. Save them." was imprinted on each memory card to help educate others through a simple and concise message.


Experiential Marketing: Coke Zero Theater Surprise

There are thousands of people who still refuse to drink diet soda because they feel it tastes watered down and flavorless. Coca-Cola decided to take this matter into their own hands and re-introduce their latest product, Coke Zero. By infiltrating local movie theaters, our favorite soda maker was able to pull off a marketing stunt that would make any parched individual crave a sip of diet soda! Watch the video and be the judge for yourself!

Non-traditional Marketing: Discovery Channel's Shark Week

The Discovery Channel always finds extremely creative ways to promote Shark Week with non-traditional marketing campaigns. Last year, bloggers were sent unmarked boxes filled with clues to a Shark Attack Mystery. Participants were sent shark bitten shorts and beach washed messages with specific coordinates to visit. And as a Summer norm, the Discovery Channel building has recently been converted into a giant inflatable Shark. The Discovery Channel's Shark Week will soon be launched over this Summer's airwaves come August 1st.
[via tvbythenumbers and adrants]

Publicity Stunt: Brandhouse Liquor Company's Drive Dry Campaign

No one should ever drink and drive. Brandhouse Liquor Company chose to address South Africa's nonchalant attitude toward drinking and driving. Life-sized cars were placed in giant "Drive Dry" evidence bags in front of bars and other places where people are most likely to drink and drive. By displaying the consequences of such choices, the campaign clearly made it's point to the public: If you drink and drive, you will hopefully be caught before you injure yourself or someone else around you. [via BriefBlog]

Guerrilla Marketing Strategy: Bosch VitaFresh Refridgerators

With July 4th just passing and so many BBQ's going on, why not try grilling something a little different this summer: Mammoth Steaks!

To promote their new line of heavy duty refrigerators, Bosch placed mammoth steaks, dinosaur legs and saber tooth fillets in super markets throughout a number of different cities. To increase intrigue, info on the prehistoric meats were highlighted in weekly supermarket advertisements. Store clerks also shared news of the meat special over intercom announcements. The message- Bosch keeps food fresh for a LONG time. THEY SURE DO LOOK TASTY!!!