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Sumo Giveaway: LIVE Online Raffle

Attack! is teaming up with RaffleDog.com to give away a Sumo Prize Package! Entries are now being accepted at www.raffledog.com.

What comes with winning the raffle?
  • 2 Attack! Sumo T-shirts
  • 1 Stress Relieving Squishy Sumo
  • 1 Autographed Photo of 3 time Sumo World Champion Byambajav Ulambayar
  • Sumo Thumb Wrestling Set
  • If you're a California Resident, we're also raffling off 2 tickets for the Sumo World Championships in LA. Check out their "Local" page on the site.
Our reason for the raffle?
We love sumo. We love people who love sumo. We love giving things away and Christmas is just too far away!

The raffle winner will be announced on Thursday, 7/29 at 9:30pm ET. Everyone is welcome to enter! For more information, please visit www.raffledog.com

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