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Guerrilla Marketing: Tropicana Orange Juice

As part of their "Brighter Mornings Make Brighter Days" campaign, Tropicana brought sunlight to a small, dark town in northern Canada. For several weeks each winter, residence of Inuvik do not see a sunrise and live without any natural light. In order to 'brighten' the townspeople's dreary days, Tropicana created a giant, artificial sun that spanned 36' wide and generated 100,000 lumens of light. Each household also received a carton of Tropicana Premium Orange Juice and the company made donations to local breakfast programs for schools and food banks. [via thetechjournal.com]


Street Marketing: MINI USA

In 2002, MINI responded to the 'SUV backlash' by mounting MINI to Ford SUVs and driving around major US markets. To launch the newest vehicle, the Countryman, the car company re-enacted the campaign but with a playful twist. This time around, MINI mounted one of their own vintage models to the new, 2011 Countryman. The campaign, like its predecessor, has garnered a great response and is truly a sight to see. [via skiddmark.com]


Print Advertisements: Jobsintown Recruiting

Jobsintown.de, a German job recruiting website, launched a series of print ads which featured people working fictional jobs inside of dark, cramped machinery. Each of the ads contained the slogan, "Life's too short for the wrong job." The campaign garnered a lot of attention and brought to light the notion that many people work jobs they do not like. After looking at a few of these ads it's hard not to think, "Are you happy with your job?" [via creativeguerrillamarketing.com]


Mobile Marketing: Coca-Cola

As part of Coca-Cola's "Happiness" Campaign, a branded truck was driven throughout various neighborhoods in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil to deliver unexpected doses of happiness. The 'vending machine on wheels' was parked in unsuspecting residential areas, waiting for curious passers by to push the button. To their surprise residents would find a free Coca-Cola product waiting in the dispensary. It didn't take long for a crowd to form and the happiness to spread!


Mobile Marketing: Smart Car Advertisement

Smart car is proving once again that bigger, is not always better.The space saving and eco-friendly car is turning heads with its latest mobile advertising campaign. Life-sized portraits of the vehicle have been spotted on construction cement trucks. As the mixers on the cement truck rotate, a photo of the car appears followed by the quote, "Smallest turning radius." As the image loops, automobile enthusiasts around can't help but agree, smaller is smart, indeed. Watch the video to see the advertisement in action! [via Sharibalga]