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Mobile Marketing: Smart Car Advertisement

Smart car is proving once again that bigger, is not always better.The space saving and eco-friendly car is turning heads with its latest mobile advertising campaign. Life-sized portraits of the vehicle have been spotted on construction cement trucks. As the mixers on the cement truck rotate, a photo of the car appears followed by the quote, "Smallest turning radius." As the image loops, automobile enthusiasts around can't help but agree, smaller is smart, indeed. Watch the video to see the advertisement in action! [via Sharibalga]


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Cassandra Marcole said...

Whoa! I have to admit, it's so unique to advertise that way. It is a must to create unique advertisements so to receive positive feedback. Not only will it increase the chance of business' growth, but also help them gain more customers.

Leisa Dreps said...

Well, I agree with Cassandra that unique advertisements will always be effective in getting people's feedback. It can also be used for safe driving. But I never would've guessed this kind of advertisement.