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Guerrilla Marketing: Cozy Prius Project

Toyota created the Prius Projects to help develop the Prius brand and to document the interesting activities one can enjoy with owning an eco-friendly vehicle. During the holiday season, the "Cozy Prius" was featured on the Toyota site. A group of avid knitters helped knit a large baby blue holiday sweater for a real 2010 Toyota Prius. The end result was a festive looking, hand-made vehicle cover, complete with snowflakes and red trim. Watch the video to see the knitting process and the final outcome! [via adfreak]


Non-Traditional Marketing: Beautiful Rubbish

The city of Aukland, New Zealand was looking for a creative way to prevent illegal dumping and improve outdoor ambiance. To do so, council ambassadors launched the Beautify Your City campaign and distributed green colored garbage bags to replace traditional trash can liners. As a result, on trash day, Aukland streets were lined with hundreds of green bags which created a garden-like atmosphere for locals to enjoy. [via I Believe in Advertising]

Social Media Marketing: Vodafone AU Power Pinata

Traffic to Vodafone Australia's Facebook fan page has spiked since the telecommunication company recently launched a contest which allows fans to take a physical swing at a piñata using a robot arm! To take a hit, fans simply log into their Facebook accounts and line up in a que to click a "hit" button. By participating, fans are entered to win a daily cash prize of $500 leading up to Australia Day. And once the robot arm does break the piñata, Vodafone will be giving away over 500 prizes to those who are able to act fast and grab one. Watch the video to see the robot arm in action. [via Invisible Red]

Guerrilla Projections: H&M Digital Projections Mapping

To launch the newest flagship store in Amsterdam, H&M created a digital projection mapping event that lasted the first three nights of the store's opening. Each night, guerrilla projections of a giant unraveling ribbon and a magical dollhouse were projected on the new H&M Amsterdam location. Local shoppers and street passers were left in awe during each spectacle as mystical sounds and music serenaded the night's skies during each show. Watch the video to get the full experience of the launch! [via digital buzz]


Radio Marketing: Naturia Dog Food

In an effort to reach their target market effectively and increase sales, Naturia dog food created a radio ad recorded especially for dogs! In the ad, sound engineers layered in 15 KHz radio frequencies everytime the name Naturia was stated. Dogs seemingly reacting to the mention of the brand's name helped to promote sales in large pet food stores whenever the ad was played. Sales for Naturia dog food in the following month rose, selling over 12,700 cans. The brand also walked away the Silver Lion in the media category at Cannes in 2010 by creating the first radio commercial for dogs. [via Marketing Alternatif]


Social Gaming: Yahoo! Bus Stop Derby

Public transportation can be a drag sometimes when the bus takes forever to come. Yahoo! understands this inconvenience and decided that boredom should never be an option during a citizen's daily commute. The Yahoo! Bus Stop Derby is a two-month citywide challenge where 20 different San Francisco neighborhoods participate to compete against each other through a social gaming platform. To compete, riders simply play touch screen video games on a 72-inch monitor placed at select city bus stops. At the end of the competition, the neighborhood with the most points wins a live concert featuring musical group OK Go! Watch the video to see the great public reaction captured during the campaign. [via Bus Stop Derby]


Guerrilla Social Media: Headline Shirts

The holiday season is in full gear and the shopping malls are packed with anxious shoppers trying to fill their bags with the “perfect” gift. Most consumers find themselves aimlessly wandering stores without a clue of what to buy, but this year, Headline Shirts has put together a guerrilla-style Holiday T-Shirt Gift Finder to help shoppers on their retail quest.

The steps are simple:

1. Answer a series of deep and insightful questions about the gift receiver:

2. Get the top 5 "incredibly accurate" recommendations for intelligently funny t shirts (a favorite being, Beethoven's "Old School Beats"shirt):

3. Rest easy come Christmas morning!

[via Headline Shirts]


Airport Marketing: Supreme Security Jobs

Job postings are usually drowned within a sea of advertisements when placed online or in newspapers. Supreme Security, a well known security company, decided to take hiring matters into their own hands. Needing employees with a specific skill set, Supreme Security began to market job openings to TSA agents during their real-time work shifts. To do so, employees who were traveling to Switzerland placed metal signs within their bags which invited TSA agents to apply for positions within the company. Once the bag with the metal plate ran through the X-ray machine, TSA employees were able to view each message. Sign text included, "You're bored? Apply for a job with us," and "Speaking privately, you can earn more with us!" As a result, 8 new employees were hired within 2 months! [via marketing alternatif]

Guerrilla Marketing: Speed Camera Lottery

To reward citizens for following roadway speed limits, the Swedish National Society for Road Safety has added a new, fun twist on the traditional speed capturing camera. Taken from the winning Volkswagen Fun Theory Award created by Kevin Richardson, Stockholm drivers can now look forward to winning cash prizes for staying within city speed limits. The lottery money distributed is generated from the revenue created by the speeders who are also captured on the same cameras. As a result, driving speeds were reduced 22% over a 3 day period. [via PSFK & The Fun Theory]