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Green Marketing: Biodegradable Packaging

Plastic packaging can cause much harm to the Earth's atmosphere and eco-system. To move away from causing such disasters, Ben Huttly, a design student from the UK, has come up with 100% biodegradable and recyclable packaging designs for fresh produce. Huttly has created vegetable labels using twine and natural cotton. Each vegetable tag is embedded with seeds for consumers to start their own sustainable gardens. An idea that truly reduces waste and raises environmental awareness. [via lovely package and PSFK]


Social Media Marketing: Orange UK

Orange UK, a mobile broadband shop and website, decided to bring community cheer to their loyal social media fans. Over the chilly Winter season, the Orange Winter Warmer campaign was launched. During the program, website users simply tweeted about someone who was having a bad day with the hashtag #winterwarmer and Orange UK would send a truck filled with chocolates, hot drinks and scarves over for a quick pick-me-up!

To continue their user appreciation campaign, Orange UK has also launched the Valentine's Day "Isn't it Tweet" campaign where users submit tweets to be made into short animations. Watch the videos to learn more! [via The Feed]

Mobile Media: Alfa Romeo Mobile Billboard

To promote their latest automobile collection, Alfa Romeo, an Italian car brand, created a promotional advertisement that stalked shoppers where ever they went, literally. Mobilized advertisements and billboards were placed in busy mall destinations displaying new car models and prices. Unsuspecting shoppers walking by became the ads' "target," following shoppers where ever they walked. Watch the video to see the public's reaction and to see the mobile boards in action! "There's no getting away from a good offer." [Via Marketing Alternatif]


Interactive Marketing: WeSC Display Window

IAD students at Hyper Island digital design school created an interactive display window to help promote WeSC, an urban, street wear brand. The goal of the project was to connect WeSC with music and art to create memorable consumer experiences. The store's display window was transformed into a giant interactive screen where pedestrians took control of camera angles and on-screen action with simple body movements. Background scenes on display were submitted by artists and musicians online, from all over the world. Within two days, the promotion had:
  • 26,000 plays
  • 80,000 loads
  • 300 blog posts
Watch the video to see the interactive screen in action! [via Marcus Wallander]