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Flying Guerrilla Marketing: Chronicle

The makers of an upcoming movie “Chronicle” and viral marketing agency Thinkmodo, teamed up to devise a plan to bring the movies super hero characters to life. Well, not literally bringing them to life but here at Attack! we think it’s close enough. This stunt brought Guerrilla marketing to new heights (literally) by creating human shaped mini-planes to fly above New York City and New Jersey mesmerizing onlookers. Does this make you want to see Chronicle, or just fly around along side them?

[Via Tech Crunch]

Pedestrian Ghost

This goes down in the “did that just happen?” category. Guerrilla Marketing is one of the greatest ways to grab attention on a large scale to increase sales of a product or simply gain brand awareness, but did you also know it can help save lives? Ukraine has a large problem with speeding and pedestrian safety, so Shell in conjunction with JWT Ukraine devised a plan to inform (or scare) drivers into thinking about how they drive. Motorists were forced to slow down then a “Pedestrian Ghost” magically appeared in front of their speeding cars. Would this make you drive slower?

[Via Creative Guerrilla Marketing]


Chevrolet Super Bowl Stunt

Allowing consumers to believe that they are a part of your brand and company is always important. So what better way to prove it than allowing them to create one of your company’s most important commercials of the year? Chevy has done just that by creating a contest that allowed one person to create an ad for their Super Bowl slot. The lucky winner was an amateur filmmaker from New York. With millions expected to watch, that’s a lot of pressure! How do you think he did?

[Via Adweek]


The Real World: Ikea

Ikea has innovated a whole new way to utilize B2C. Us city folk know exactly how it is to live in a small, confined apartment and Ikea feels that their furniture is perfect for our tiny places, so why not show it off in the middle of a busy subway station? Not only are they showing it off, but making it an actual livable space for 5 brave volunteers. Clever idea, (as I write from my Ikea desk!).

[Via Brand Flakes]

Hyundai: Billboard Racing Game

What's more satisfying than having your company's advertisement on a billboard for all to see?

Having the world's largest iPhone controlled racing game on a billboard in the middle of Times Square, New York!

Hyundai approached passersby and asked them to download the application, create an account and login to the Wifi network provided to start challenging their friends on the race track.
Once the individual races were completed, gamers' scores were placed across the billboard to see how they went against fellow racers. An engaging live experience that was also able to grab the attention of crowds in a high traffic location.

[Via Digital Buzz Blog]