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Chevrolet Super Bowl Stunt

Allowing consumers to believe that they are a part of your brand and company is always important. So what better way to prove it than allowing them to create one of your company’s most important commercials of the year? Chevy has done just that by creating a contest that allowed one person to create an ad for their Super Bowl slot. The lucky winner was an amateur filmmaker from New York. With millions expected to watch, that’s a lot of pressure! How do you think he did?

[Via Adweek]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very, very good advert. It's not a totally original concept because I've seen that gag before, but nontheless it worked well on several levels.

I don't watch television, so all the adverts that I have seen recently have been online viral/joke versions, which have often been created by talented 'amateurs'. I hope that corporations will now see that good ideas can come from anywhere and it's not necessary to line the pockets of ad agencies anymore..