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Dog Trash

This campaign by New Style is heartbreaking, especially for you animal lovers out there! New Style placed a trash bin labeled, “Dogs” next to various others we are familiar with. With a leash poking out of the “Dogs” bin, it makes us stop in our tracks and think twice about the abandonment of animals. What do you guys think?

[Via Creative Criminals]

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Brunno Gobbi said...


Actually this campaign has a video:

I saw it a few days ago in www.paper-plane.fr

There was an sound box inside the trash can playing/simulating the sound of a crying dog. The people who came across the bin became curious, and opened the trash can.
Inside the trash can people could read a text about abandonned animals and pick a post card with photo and info about dogs that were available for adoption. Great campaing.

Congratulations for your job.