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What Happens When Kids Ask For A Light?

You have the start to an amazing guerrilla advertising stunt.

This video is proof that you don't need an extensive budget to have an awesomely effective campaign. Ogilvy Thailand was in charge of producing work for the Thai Health Promotion Board's anti-smoking initiative. The video shows two young children going through the city asking strangers for help lighting their cigarettes. Every adult they approached scolded the two children and listed the harmful side affects from smoking cigarettes. The children then gave the adults brochures that said, "You worry about me, but why not worry about yourself" along with a number to a hotline number for help to quit smoking. 

According to the video, almost every person that was approached disposed of their cigarettes and every single person kept their brochure. The hotline also reported a 40 percent increase in calls after the guerrilla stunt. Hopefully the message of this activation will inspire others to make changes to their lifestyles!
[Via Adweek]

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