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Sidewalk Ritual Hits the Streets with Social Publishing Project

Fill in the blank: A Debut Novel + Social Media + Wu Tang Clan = ?

San Francisco author Scott James took one page from the hip hop playbook and combined it with social media marketing to turn his new novel, Sidewalk Ritual, into a collaborative project. He's been spotted around San Francisco doing some guerrilla marketing- you'll find him at busy locations around town with his typewriter and desk, typing out original poems for passers-by and reading from the novel.

The social publishing project brings a street team and experiential aesthetic to self-publishing. First, he raised $9,047 through a Kickstarter campaign. Those funds are paying for 6 artists and 6 musicians to create original works inspired by Sidewalk Ritual. When readers buy the novel, they get the art and music as free digital downloads.

You can learn more about Sidewalk Ritual and his accompanying project at http://redhatproject.com

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