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Vending Machine Tests How Far Consumers Would Go For A Sample

Armed with the knowledge that consumers will do just about anything for a sample and mankind's intrinsic curiosity for GIANT objects, Clemenger BBDO Adelaide  has produced the newest activation in the vending machine genre. 

Fantastic Delites' Delite-O-Matic coaxed curious shoppers in to completing a challenge, like pushing the machine's red button 100 times or bowing down to the almighty machine, to receive a box of Fantastic Delites.

At one point, a challenger is given the task of pressing the red button 5000 times to receive her treat. As she gets past the first thousand pushes a crowd forms and by her last five, she has a whole crowd cheering her on! This activation did a great job of crowd engagement and sample distribution--A for sure worthy inductee in the Vending Machine Activation Hall of Fame

How come Australia gets to have all the fun?

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