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Flash Mob: Pillow Fight Edition

Not too sure what specific product or service the pillow fight is supposed to promote but the act of being awoken to be active transcends all languages!

The video starts with onlookers staring quizzically at a large group of young people sleeping in the middle of a plaza somewhere in Spain. One of the Gen-Yers then awakens and screams through a bull horn for everyone to wake up and train! The crowd then begins to have the most awesome looking pillow fight I've seen aside from the Annual San Francisco Valentine's Pillow Fight

What we can interpret from this activation, is that young people need to wake up and do something with their lives--either by being active physically or enrolling in vocational studies programs and exercising their minds. Either way, using a pillow fight to demonstrate the act of exercising was pretty clever!

[Via Creative Guerrilla Marketing]

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