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Social Experiment: Honesty Tea Finds Most Honest People in the Nation

The folks over at Honest Tea wanted to measure just how honest the current American population was when no one was looking. 

Honest Tea placed unmanned Kiosks in multiple cities over the course of the summer to test the effectiveness of the honor system--in this case by asking people passing by to pay $1 for any bottles they grabbed from the kiosk. Honest Tea then analyzed data collected from their social experiment and posted interactive statistics about the most honest people in America on a microsite called the National Honesty Index

Did you know Oakland, Salt Lake City, and Boston Ballpark were the most honest places in the country? Another interesting stat from the site: people who wear plaid were only 86% honest and ranked #74/78 on a list of most honest people and places.

Glad to see there are still honest people in the world!

[Via PSFK]

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