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QR Code Marketing: Budweiser "Budclock" Stops Time

Have you ever wished happy hour would last longer? 

Y&R Ecuador and Budweiser have finally made the wish true with their recent campaign. The "Budclock" campaign extended happy hour by one minute for every Budweiser purchased at participating venues. To extend happy hour, buyers had to scan a QR code, which then added a minute to a large clock displaying a countdown to when happy hour would end. 

The "Budclock" campaign is clever for two reasons, one: The use of a clock gives bar-goers a sense of immediacy to purchase beers and save the bar from the end of happy hour and two: It successfully incorporated the use of  QR codes, an often discredited technology, with successful results. 

Since the start of the campaign, happy hour has been extended by 6,000 minutes or 100 hours--that's a lot of drinking!

[Via Adrants]

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