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Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Yahoo! How Good Grows

Yahoo! recently launched the 'How Good Grows' website to spark the power of paying it forward this holiday season. In hopes of causing a ripple effect worldwide, Yahoo! is asking its members do one act of kindness for the day and share it online. By doing so, the program hopes that others who see the updates will match that act of kindness by doing one of their own. To start the program off, Yahoo! distributed $100 to 400 acts-of-kindness influencers. 400 acts has soon turned into over 1,400+ acts of kindness. Over Thanksgiving weekend, influencers spent time purchasing groceries for shoppers and asked each to " pass on an act of kindness" as they prepared for the holiday. Visit the How Good Grows website to learn more. [via Yahoo! News]

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yourfriendnate said...

This is a great campaign for the holidays! Kudos to Yahoo! ... and thanks for sharing Guerrilla Sushi!