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Virtual Game Marketing: MINI Cooper Getaway

Mini Cooper fans in Stockholm, Sweden were able to participate in a unique marketing campaign that gave each participant a chance to win a Mini Cooper Countryman. By downloading the MINI Cooper Stockholm App, MINI enthusiasts were able to participate in a virtual "hunting" game. To win, users must locate and claim a virtual MINI Cooper by checking in on their smart phones. The catch: game players must be in the real life location that the virtual car is placed and must also compete with "enemies" (other game players) to win. The player who is able to hold on to the MINI for one week wins! Watch the video to get a rush for the hunt! [via Guerrilla Communication]

1 comment:

yourfriendnate said...

I love this guerrilla marketing campaign. Not only must this have been great fun for the participants but from the brand's perspective having people involved in the campaign for an entire week is quite a feat!