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Social Media Marketing: M&M's and Google Maps

M&M's recently launched Find Red, a new online campaign using Google Maps with the four biggest names in social media. The Find Red Campaign is an online scavenger hunt where M&M fans can enter a competition to look for Red (who has become trapped within Google Maps) through Google Street Views. Hints and clues of Red's location can be found on M&M's Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and Youtube channels. By gathering all the clues and visiting www.FindRed.ca, fans in Canada can participate in the competition to win prizes such as an iPod Nano, movie tickets and M&M's Milk Chocolate candy. The grand prize of Find Red is a 2011 5-speed automatic, red Smart FourTwo Pure Coupe. Watch the video to learn more about the interactive campaign executed by BBDO Proximity. [via digitalbuzz & FindRed]

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Rodney Cobb said...

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