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‘Mudvertising’ the filthiest way to get your brand noticed

When you think of a marketing event, you may think of a run, party, or booth. Did using mud ever come to mind? Most likely not. However, the concept of mudvertising is becoming a popular form of marketing among top brands such as Reebok, Miller Lite, and Advil. Brands will host events like Tough Mudder where contestants raise between $50-$200 to compete in a race through literal mud. At the end of the race, participants will have the option to receive products from the sponsors. For example, Advil may pass out samples to soothe a runner’s sore muscles while Miller Lite may be offering a cold one to quench their thirst. The primary goal of this competition is not to win but to simply get as filthy as possible in a pool of mud with your friends while having an incredible and memorable experience. Last year, the three largest mudvertising events hosted nearly 2 million people. Reebok is now the prime sponsor for the Spartan Race which is now called the Reebok Spartan race. Reebok has partnered with this event and is in the process of coming out with a new line of apparel and shoes specifically tailored to this event.

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