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Mommy Mobile Games

In the current mobile world it’s not rare to see children as young as 10, or adults as old as 60, with their eyes locked on their respective screens. Even my mom has developed her own habit, as she can’t go a day without unlocking a new level of Candy Crush or Angry Birds.

Alamo Rent A Car believes they can take of advantage of this with their own mobile app development. In an attempt to increase brand awareness, Alamo’s digital partners will release four hashtag-based games that are meant to be played during family vacations. The campaign is set to target mothers, with Alamo planning on reaching this group through partnerships with mommy bloggers who have some clout in the blogosphere and Twitter world.

Users can play Alamoding, PixPursuit, Snap Family and Alamovie, all of which involve either different vacation photos, or, in the case of Alamovie, a video to capture memorable moments. Use of ‘#AlamoGames2Go’ enters users into weekly competitions as well as a $5,000 Grand Prize.

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